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Event Facility Rental

Intimate, luxurious rental spaces for your next event

The Hidden Jewel is Myrtle Beach's Best Kept Treasure ​

Our Sacred Space is Your Perfect Space (1).png

At HJWB, we’ve created an intimate and sacred space for anyone seeking peace and tranquility in a complex world. Our boutique and steam spa feature a cozy environment and complimentary tea and wi-fi. Designed with luxury in mind, our space is the perfect backdrop for your personal and business needs, including:

  • Parties

  • Photoshoots

  • Filming

  • Healing circles

  • Meetings

  • Seminars

  • Sales Events

  • 1:1 Consultations 

  • Book Signings

  • Date Night 

We offer spacious, easily customizable areas, perfect for group gatherings, and can be rented on a recurring basis. Choose between the Lobby, Meditation Corner, and Yoni Room to see which one is right for you. Each package can be customized to suit your specific needs.


The Hidden Jewel Wellness Boutique's Lobby and Sitting Area are perfect for enjoying a cup of tea, reading, laptop work, or light socializing. Our airy and comfortable sitting area features a self-serve tea bar, a small library, and plenty of natural lighting. Our Sitting Area is designed to engage the senses: everything from its and planters and minimalist vibe ensure that guests willfeel open and comfortable. The space is also perfect for hosting small corporate events, filming, and book signings.

Seating Capacity
• Seats approx. 10-30, depending on seating arrangements.

• Ample standing room

Design and Decor
• Airy and spacious
• Plush seating and rug
• Natural lighting
• Candles & adjustable lighting 
• Single unisex bathroom with framed art

Notable Features
• Check-in counter
• Self-serve tea & beverage bar
• “Library” with recommended reading
• Can be combined with Meditation corner for additional space


Meditation Corner

The Hidden Jewel Wellness Boutique's meditation corner is the perfect backdrop for your photo shoot, film, or virtual production. Our cozy corner can be left open for a light and airy feel or secluded by a divider for the ultimate private experience.  Every item was hand-selected to help you relax, focus, and enjoy the moment. 

Seating Capacity
• Seats approx. 5-7, depending on seating arrangements.

• Ample standing room

Design and Decor

  • Plush carpet, cushions, and pillows

  • Sacral chakra singing bowl

  • Meditation cards

  • LED flickering wire lights

  • Candles

  • 2 double electric wall sockets

  • Dimmed overhead lighting

  • Cleansed and charged crystals

  • Yoga mats

  • Blankets


Meditation corner 2.jpg
Meditation corner 3.jpg
Meditation corner promo.jpg

Yoni Room

The Hidden Jewel Wellness Boutique's Yoni Room is the ultimate sacred sanctuary. Your guests/attendees will instantly feel a sense of peace and luxury when they enter the double doors. The clean, neutral color palette adds to the spa-like experience. We've incorporated every element of creation- earth, water, air, and fire, to create the perfect atmosphere for healing.

Seating Capacity
• Seats approx. 10-15, depending on seating arrangements.

Design and Decor
• Intimate and luxurious
• Hardwood flooring
• Salt Lamp for additional purification and calming effect
• Candles & adjustable lighting 
• Indoor water fountain

Notable Features
• Yoni chairs and rugs can be removed
• Towels can be used; an additional cleaning charge will be applied


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