Unchain Yourself

from the darkness of your past and develop the confidence to move forward with introspective guidance.

What if you could finally break this cycle of insanity, see how your past is affecting your present choices, and take the right steps to move forward?


Does this sound familiar? Have you been:

  • Frustrated that all your actions seem to get you back to the same vicious cycle?

  • Discouraged because just when you thought you’re moving forward with your life, you find yourself in the same place where you started?

  • Confused that you’re doing all the “right” things but always end up devastated because you don’t see any changes or results from your efforts?

  • Broken and torn by a not-so-pleasant past and can’t fully move on from it?

  • Looking in the mirror and all you can see are the labels people put on you, the decisions you made and the things you experienced -- not who you truly are?

Don’t worry. You’re not alone.


There are a lot of women who make decisions based on who they were and not the woman they are trying to become. They continuously always put themselves last, and now feel trapped by life and by their pasts.


The truth is, you have to confront the horrors of your past in order to succeed and find true happiness. Once you connect the dots between your past and your current choices, you’ll discover your truth by getting the guidance you need to break the cycle forever.

I know what it's like to feel invisible, unloved, unappreciated, undervalued, and overlooked…

Sharing my story saved me, and perhaps it’s a lot like yours...


I have been raped and molested more times than one person should EVER experience in one lifetime. The people who were meant to protect me were the same people that were causing me pain. No one believed me. No one came to my rescue until it was too late.


As a result of what I experienced in my childhood, I felt like I didn't matter and that my only life's purpose was to satisfy others. I became an exotic dancer when I was 19, started doing drugs when I was 23 and tried to kill myself twice.


Stripping, promiscuity, drugs, sexual abuse, suicide attempts, unresolved daddy issues -- I have been through it all.

I connected with anything and anyone that would fill a void but instead, I was further abused and exploited. I was in darkness. But then I discovered my inner sparkle...


Finally, I realized that I was literally the walking dead, living instead of existing. I was tired of not living my purpose, tired of life beating me up, and tired of being the enemy's personal entertainment.


I decided to fight for my peace of mind, if not for anything else but to be the best version for my children. Everything else you see is a bonus from God.


You too can shine bright despite the darkness of your past and I am here to show you how!


Dive into the most intimate parts of you and discover your own truth during an Introspective Guidance Session

After our coaching sessions and soul-work, you will finally be able to:

  • Tune out the noises of the world so you can finally hear your own voice

  • See how your past is affecting your present

  • Break away from the vicious cycle you have been trapped in for a long time

  • Have the confidence to move forward to your success

  • Find your inner sparkle and start living your life for you

You can’t get away from your past. You need to face its demons. Let me help you find the answers.


Ready to get started?

Ready to get started?

Your Introspective Guidance Session with me will help you finally heal your heart, your mind, and your body:


Here’s what happens in every Introspective Guidance Session using my custom 4-step framework to find your inner sparkle:




Breathing exercises. It can be very intense for people to reveal their innermost selves, and this will help you relax and free to open up.




After you unpack, we work through various techniques to help you connect the dots between your present and your past and understand what are the barriers that are keeping you stuck and struggling.



Push and Unpack

In this part of the session, you’re encouraged to vent about all your “stuff” and process these experiences.



Progress Plan

If you purchased more than one session, we will schedule your remaining sessions and develop action items for you to complete. Or, we discuss what your plan of action should be moving forward beyond our one session.

Your well-being and your success is my number one priority. All sessions are tailor-fit for your specific needs so you can get the best results possible.


One-hour session   $45

3 sessions            $200

6 sessions (Best value)   $250

Meet the Face Behind Introspective Guidance Session


Javon Frazier has been described as strong, inspiring, compassionate, and transparent. A woman of faith and a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, it is her mission to raise awareness and equip woman with the tools they need to heal and overcome the effects of their past experiences through workshops, coaching and speaking.


Since 2014, Javon’s work has been featured on local radio broadcasts and magazines including Grace and Glory, a faith-based publication. Her most popular piece, “Sexual Assault: The Silent Killer” was spotlighted on Hope for Women Magazine’s website during Sexual Assault Awareness Month.


Javon believes every person was designed for a specific purpose; and nothing we may experience in life can negate that purpose.  Because of the effects of her childhood experiences, Javon has had to overcome many challenges including depression, promiscuity, and low self-worth. She shares her message to help others find the strength and courage to overcome their abuse to live full, prosperous lives.


Despite her past, she managed to find her inner sparkle and rose above the odds. She believes that like her, every woman can shine bright despite their dark past and dedicates herself to this cause.

From Stripping and Sexual Abuse to Best-Selling Author and Guiding Light 

After doing my own introspective work, I was able to stop dancing and:

Truly accept all of me, understanding that my imperfections make me perfect

Be a better mother to my beautiful children

Write a best-selling book that has put me in front of thousands

Healing trauma takes time. Begin your healing journey to overcoming your past and finding your inner light.

Imagine if you...


Find your sparkle and free yourself from your dark past

Start living for you and the people who truly value you

Move forward in your life with confidence

Heal your heart, your mind, and your body


Punishing yourself for your unpleasant past and start living instead of merely existing

Putting yourself last and losing yourself in the process

Feeling stuck in a cruel cycle that has done nothing but held you back

Doing the same thing to better yourself over and over and expecting the same results

You can use your past to find your negative inner voice and finally move forward with confidence…

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