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Unlock the Healer Within

Become a Certified Yoni Steam Facilitator and help women connect with their divine feminine while healing themselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually through the ancient holistic technique of yoni (vaginal) steaming.

You've heard about this new craze that's

 sweeping the nation. It's been highlighted in magazines, seen on television, women are even getting together to have "steam parties". It's clearly a lucrative business and now you want in....


If that's what you're thinking, feel free to excite now. HJWB is NOT the place for you.​

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At HJWB, we believe that everything begins in the womb. It is where women create life, both physically and spiritually. It's where women store emotions, dreams, and creativity. If there is a blockage anywhere in the womb, whether physically or emotionally, there will be a blockage in how that woman shows up in the world. It is that concept that has helped us create the structure of services that we offer as well as the foundation for this training. Yoni steaming is not just about the physical benefits, but also about the spiritual. 

Do you have a passion for women? Are women instantly drawn to you and feel comfortable enough to share their personal emotions? Do you believe in the power of feminine energy and role it plays in the world? Do you feel called to help women heal? Then this course is for you. 

Our course is not like any other course on the market. We combine the techniques of yoni steaming and other alternative methods along with spiritual and psychological concepts.  By using the tools and resources in this training, you will be able to build a business offering quality services with a holistic approach. 

What's Included? Below is a sample of what to expect from this course:

  • Yoni Steaming 101: We'll cover everything you need to know about yoni steaming. We'll share the basic tips along with a few tricks we've learned along the way.

  • Everything Starts in the Womb: We'll discuss the importance of the womb and how to heal yourself in order to heal others. 

  • Womb Wellness: We'll cover the three pillars of wellness- physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. We'll discuss alternative medicine, herbal remedies, meditation, and other mindful practices that will help your clients.

  • Business Basics: We'll share the basics of building a sustainable business in this field.

Who Is This Course For?

Anyone who has a passion for health and wellness! Yogis, therapists, hair stylists, nutritionists, the list goes on a on. Whether you adding this service to an existing business or you're building a business from scratch, this course is perfect for you. And here's the great part, you can go at your own pace! Once you purchase your course, you will receive a link to access the course. Once you access the course, you will be able to complete the modules at your convenience.

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