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Introspective Womb Work

Unchain yourself from the darkness of your past and develop the confidence to move forward with introspective womb work. When a woman heals herself, she heals her family, her community, and the world!

What if you could finally break this cycle of insanity, see how your past is affecting your present choices, and take the right steps to move forward?


Does this sound familiar? Have you been:

  • Frustrated that all your actions seem to get you back to the same vicious cycle?

  • Discouraged because just when you thought you’re moving forward with your life, you find yourself in the same place where you started?

  • Confused that you’re doing all the “right” things but always end up devastated because you don’t see any changes or results from your efforts?

  • Broken and torn by a not-so-pleasant past and can’t fully move on from it?

  • Looking in the mirror and all you can see are the labels people put on you, the decisions you made, and the things you experienced -- not who you truly are? 

  • Unsure of who you are or why you were put here? 

  • Lacking confidence, unable to trust your voice or stand up for yourself?

  • Numb, just going through the motions fully detached from reality?

Don't worry, you're not alone.

There are a lot of women who make decisions based on whom life told them they had to be and not the woman they are trying to become. They suppress their true emotions, continuously put themselves last, and now feel trapped by life and the things they have experienced. 


The truth is, you have to confront the shadow parts of yourself in order to succeed and find true peace and wellness. Once you connect the dots between your life experiences and your current choices, you’ll discover your truth by getting the guidance you need to break the cycle forever.

I know what it's like to feel invisible, unloved, unappreciated, undervalued, and overlooked…

Navigating my shadows and sharing my story saved me, and perhaps it’s a lot like yours...

I have been raped and molested more times than one person should EVER experience in one lifetime. The people who were meant to protect me were the same people that were causing me pain. No one believed me. No one came to my rescue until it was too late.


As a result of what I experienced in my childhood, I felt like I didn't matter and that my only life's purpose was to satisfy others. I became an exotic dancer when I was 19, started doing drugs when I was 23, and tried to kill myself twice.


Stripping, promiscuity, drugs, sexual abuse, suicide attempts, unresolved daddy issues -- I have been through it all.

I connected with anything and anyone that would fill a void but instead, I was further abused and exploited. I was in darkness. But then I discovered my inner sparkle...


Finally, I realized that I was literally the walking dead, living instead of existing. I was tired of not living my purpose, tired of life beating me up, and tired of allowing the inner me to destroy everything that was destined for me.


I decided to fight for my peace of mind, to do the work to become the woman I was created to be. I decided to connect to my womb space, to go within the most sacred parts of myself in order to heal for myself, my family, and my purpose. 


You too can shine bright despite the darkness of your past and I am here to show you how!


Dive into the most intimate parts of you and discover your own truth during an Introspective Womb Wellness Session

What Is Introspective Womb Work?

It's Time to Connect to Your Womb

Here at HJWB, we believe "when a woman heals her womb, she heals the world." Our wombs are the sacred portal of life, it is our gift from the Divine. Without knowing how to connect to your womb, you will never know who you are. 

Introspective womb work is a powerful tool, it's the act of going within and healing the darkest parts of yourself. It's knowing how to transmute your shadow (the unknown) into light energy in order to create the reality you desire.


You could benefit from introspective womb work if you've experienced:

  • Sexual trauma (rape, assault, harassment)

  • Fertility or birth trauma

  • Parental Trauma (mother/father trauma)

  • Physical dis-ease within your reproductive system (STIs, infertility, fribroids etc)

  • Low Sex Drive/Low Libido

  • Lack of self-confidence/low self-esteem

  • Sexual Identity Issues 

  • Past relationship trauma (divorce, infidelity, etc.)

Benefits of Womb Work

After our introspective sessions and womb work, you will finally be able to:

  • Tune out the noises of the world so you can finally hear your own voice

  • See how your past is affecting your present

  • Break away from the vicious cycle you have been trapped in for a long time

  • Have the confidence to move forward to your success

  • Find your inner sparkle and start living your life for you

What to Expect After a Session

Your Womb Holds the Key. It's Time to Unlock Your Full Potential and Create the Reality of Your Dreams


Introspective Womb Work

Single Session

Womb Work Packages

Your Personalized Introspective Guidance Session will help you finally heal your heart, your mind, and your body:

Here’s what happens in every Introspective Guidance Session using my custom 4-step framework to find your inner sparkle:



We will begin with a breathing exercise to ground you. It can be very intense for people to reveal their innermost selves, and this will help you relax and be free to open up


Unpack and Release

In this part of the session, you’re encouraged to vent about all your “stuff” and process these experiences. Your Guiding Light is here to listen and hold space.



After you unpack, we work through various techniques to help you connect the dots between your present and your past and understand what are the barriers that are keeping you stuck and struggling.


Progress Plan

If you purchased more than one session, we will schedule your remaining sessions and develop action items for you to complete. Or, we discuss what your plan of action should be moving forward beyond our one session.

We are committed to your success and holistic wellness. All sessions are tailor-fit for your specific needs so you can get the best results possible.

4 Step Framework


"I feel like I was transformed into my higher purpose. I have decided to embrace the pivot in my life right now and to thrive."

"I really enjoyed the session and session prior. I have been releasing layers of conditioned masculinity that I've cultivated throughout life as means to survive and navigate what felt more smoothly. I feel an ease and allowance to be slower, more in flow, more feminine and I'm do excited for what that will bring forth."

"Centering, grounding, powerfully curated, and awakening the power within! A magical mirror"

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