Be a #GoalDiggingGoddess

If you're like me you are exhausted and OVER the holidays! Dec. 26- Jan. 1st seems to be the time of year when people kinda check out. You're lounging in PJs, work seems a little fuzzy, and you refuse to eat anything that involves you cooking!

I get it, I too felt that way this weekend.

If I can be honest, I've been trying to be productive since last Monday and it has just been an epic fail. Between wrapping up orders at the boutique and preparing for Christmas, I have not been able to keep up.

Btw, I hope you all enjoyed your holiday!

I want to encourage you to keep going! There are still 3 amazing days left to end this year the way you want and set up 2021 to be one for the books!

My favorite thing to do is plan! Nothing makes me feel better and more accomplished than setting goals and crushing them. I make a routine out of it, and this new year is no different. This year, I'm inviting you into my space and sharing my greatest goal setting tips in my new e-book that will be released on Dec. 31st. This offering is going to include the science behind goal setting, how to overcome the negative self-talk, and a goal action plan that will help you stay on track.

In the meantime, here are some quick tips to setting goals

  1. Create a ritual around goal setting. Things are always better when we set the stage. Light some candles, get your favorite beverage (our Get It Done herbal tea is perfect!), and put one your favorite tunes, and get comfortable. Prepare yourself mentally and physically for all of the awesomeness that is about to come through.

  2. Remember your "why". I know we hear this all the time, but it really works. When you have your end goal in mind, your little steps are easier to make.

  3. WRITE IT DOWN! Writing is magical and our goals feel real and attainable when we write them down. I like to make my goals nice and pretty with stickers and various colorful pens. My favorite is this starter kit offered by Happy Planner. If you are more logical and straight forward, this 90x goal planner is another favorite of mine.

I am so excited about 2021 and all that we will manifest together! I want to hear from you. Share your goal planning process, favorite tips, or planning pics by using #GoalDiggingGoddess and you just might end up on our IG page!

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